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Anime Jyanai Group 2 : Broadway

This a sub-page of some of my new friends that I have made when I moved over to Vancouver. The name of the group comes from the street name of where the second store was located on Broadway Street in a strip mall beside the Broadway Church. The mall contained offices for the Canadian Cancer Society.

In Chinese sub-culture, it is customary to refer to proper names of people by their nicknames when in an informal situation. For example, Vancouver is known as Hum-sue-fa, which literally translates to Salt Water City. Here are some of my new friends with their nicknames that they chose (or we chose for him...), If you need to contact any of these people, please feel free to email me. If you know how to contact these people or remember someone I forgot to mention or need to make a correction, please also contact me.

I have also added icons to represent some "personality" traits and "fetishes" that we (in our group) have attached to the person. The column labelled Clones is used for references in the real world, that the evil clones have gone on to become famous, while my nameless friend remains a nobody.


Nickname & Origin







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Harvey Chow evo the car honda civic
Rene Blais dark one
Jack Maloney Captain Jack
Hieu Phan goon
James Magnan
Michael Wishow
Colin Keigher
Sam Louis Big Chief No Jerky