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This a sub-page on video console gaming, my story.

Like the arcade gaming, this consumes a lot of my money and some of my time. I was a slow starter in getting into video game consoles. As far as I remember, everyone else bought their systems before I did.

I remembered that Marty and Trish bought versions of Pong and Tank Combat first. That was hours of fun. Of course, until Marty got too good at the game. I remember Joel Turner was the first to buy a Intelivision. Sea Battle was a awesome game. Astrosmash was totally mindless. Boxing and Baseball were good but hard on the controllers.

Hell, I think the first thing I picked up, and it wasn't even new at the time was the Atari 400. Boy, I spent hours on asteroids and River Raid. At about this point, personal computers like the TRS-80 and the Apple took over everything else.

When I moved down the Vancouver, I was still into computers. Happy Ed, had a Vic-20 with the game Omega Race which was fun. I picked up a Colecovision and Lady bug at a police auction for $50 (came with leather bag, a hammer, a few screwdrivers and some plyers, gee I wonder what they were for?!?!) All in all, the Coleco was a disappointing system since I really didn't like any of the games it had.

The next system I bought was the Sega Genesis. Again, not brand new at the time but I was the first in my circle to buy one since everyone else had Super Nintendo. Yes, I skipped over Master system and the original Nintendo. Though, I later bought an Nintendo with gun off of Garth, mostly for Airwolf and Golgo 13.

The main reason I bought the Genesis for one game, Warsong (Japanese name was Langrissa). Later on, they release Langrissa II which was great. See the FAQ section for my write up on it. I also bought a discontinued Sega CD just to play Slipheed. I bought a discontinued Sega 32X just for the Star Wars game. Fortunately, I was working at Radio Shack at the time, and I hoarded them in the backroom until they dropped in price and became almost "discontinued off the counting deck" status. Ahhh.. yes, one of the many ways to rip Radio Shack off.

I did make good use of the Super Nintendo. I picked up one of those game doctor systems with the floppy drive and ran lots of ROMs on that. That was great. I really spent a long time doing Street Fighter practicing special moves. I am sure it took me like 2 weeks of playing to get Ryu's Sho-ryu-ken. It was embrassing getting ass-kicked by high school kids who just keep using super move combos to kill you. It would like cheap throw, ha dou ken, ha dou ken , ha dou ken , Yea what ever, 16 hit flaming super sho ryu ken, yea yea, game over. Fuuck you.... really annoying...

The next really big system I bought was the NEC PC Engine Duo, or over here it was called the Turbografix Duo. That was a great system, I initially bought the game for Military Madness but later, Daryl showed me Langrissa PCE (which by far is the best one) and Lady Phantom (which took me forever to find another copy of that). I was the first in our group to buy this one and I bought it when it first came out $399 Cdn price tag...

Playstation came out next. I didn't really have any games I wanted to play on the system initially, but since EB (Electronics Boutique) was having a trade in deal for the PSX, you could trade in your old Genesis carts and Super Nintendo carts for credit against the PSX. So I did that and knocked down the $299 Cdn price tag to $150 Cdn. From then I amassed a large collection of anime games.

But seriously, if you wanted better anime games, Sega Saturn was the better choice. I picked this system up before anyone else. I waited a bit but I got one primarily for that Guardian Heroes game. That was a great multiplayer game. I also got it because all the sequels for Langrissa were coming out on Saturn. I also collected a good selection of anime games here too.

Nintendo 64, I sort of got just as the deal came along. I really didn't want it Garth was pawning one off for $100 so I helped him out. The only really good games I played all the time on that was Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Star Wars (only the snow speeder level), Golden Eye and Skyfox.

Thanks to George moving to Seattle, I got his NEC PC Engine FX. That was a great surprise since that system had a copy Der Langrissa FX which actually plays quite well. I spent quite a bit of time doing the FAQ for that one too.

In the new generation, I picked up the Sega Dreamcast first. This decision came when I found someone at Encore Video games selling a mod-ed Dreamcast so that was a good deal at the time. Definitely Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive 2 was worth it. Later, I picked up Magic the Gathering DC which I did do an FAQ for. The Gundam DX game was also very good for this system too which I liked.

I also recently got a Sony Playstation 2 for Christmas of 2001. I applied a mod chip into it and promptly burned out the motor/laser assembly on the unit by playing 3 weeks of Grand Theft Auto 3, 8 hours a day. However my favourite game for the system is Para Para Paradise and Guitar Freaks 4th/Drummania 3rd Mix. I am building a drum set for this game, see my projects page for my result of this.

X-box will probably be my next system since I am awaiting Dead Or Alive 3 and the Extreme Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball games.